My New Blog!

Ok so take 2, I worked on my own site/blog using Ruby Rails back in September… it was never finished but was heading in the direction i wanted it to go. I set myself out a few requirements/tasks to accomplish as part of the rollout of

  1. Register DNS name – I used Namecheap as well the name suggest, it was cheap and i didn’t need a lot of the additional features I would get from other providers.
  2. Language – I opted for Ruby On Rails, it’s a great framework I’ve been using for some time now to get fully functional websites up and running in very little time.  I just couldn’t commit to implementing anything in .net MVC as I didn’t want the hassle if I’m honest, not to say it isn’t easy to have a blog site set up using MVC, but for me, it just isn’t AS easy as I have found to get there with Rails/Ruby.
  3. Host – By deciding on using Rails to create my blog engine – there was a host of freeware I could have used for site hosting, but as I am a AWS guy, I opted to host the site on the AWS free tier.
  4. Design – I opted for using Twitter Bootstrap UI as I wanted a clean simplistic look, and didn’t want to do any extra work for UI on different platforms – I have felt the pain of previously writing my own css that works on different browsers/devices and well its not worth the hassle to hear what I have to say.
  5. Things to help me – so RailsInstaller, AWS SDK for Ruby, a quick and dirty script to automate my initial setup on my CentOS Instance, a quick read on Rails Blog Engines and a useful bootstrap gem and my blog was up and running.
  6. What was next which never happened was integrating the commenting section using Disqus

And the results where er.. great…


I will go back to my original site when I can… unfinished business and all that. But for now… welcome to my blog 🙂